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Hardware and software optimization

Custom built computers - Routine preventive maintenance - Repairs

System security hardening. Offsite data backup and disaster recovery

QuickBooks maintenance and networking support

Point of Sale systems support

Security Video Camera Systems

Hotel property management systems support

Telephone system maintenance. New phones and extensions installed

Encrypted remote access to your office network and computer system

Wi-Fi hotspot design and installation. Captive portal. Bandwidth management

Wireless bridges between facilities to share local network resources

Computer virtualization to eliminate hardware costs and enhance security

Custom written EDI data interface software


About GeeTek Electronics


GeeTek Electronics is a locally owned and operated computer and electronics service company. We are honored to be a part of the Eagle Pass business community. It is a privilege to be of service to you.


We specialize in computer maintenance, repair and new system design and implementation. We are proficient with all aspects of computer systems including servers, workstations and networking components. Experience includes maintenance of Retail Point-of-Sale systems and Hotel Property Management Systems. We also service home computer systems and printers. We can design and build high end gaming systems for the gaming enthusiast. QuickBooks updates, off-site secure data backups and network security mechanisms such as hardware level internet access control are some of the items we implement and maintain for our existing customers. Preventing virus infections and other malicious system changes using the newest virtualization and application white listing technologies have become essential techniques that we commonly employ.


Our experience and certifications in computer technology date back to the early 1980’s with DOS based operating systems, Lotus123 and Tandy DeskMate accounting software - with our proficiencies extending up to the most modern computer systems including Windows 10 and Windows Server platforms.


We have a simple and free configuration update to restore a normal classic start menu for Windows 8 and Windows 10. There is no need to struggle with the cumbersome tiles and long lists that the new systems force by default. This configuration update will restore the start menu operation to the more familiar Windows 7 or XP style desktop and “Start” button to access your programs and data.


In addition to our computer department we also work with a variety of electronic and radio based systems. Wireless local area networking and long range computer network bridging are some of the technologies that complement our computer systems. We have over 25 years of experience climbing radio towers for the installation and maintenance of transmitters and antennas. Some of our more recent projects have involved remote VOIP telephony via wireless bridges as well as long range extensions of digital phone sets and phone systems.


We can help you with the installation, upgrade and repair of any type of telephone and cable television wiring and distribution system, whether it is to add or move an outlet or to wire an entire office. We repair amateur and two-way radios to the component level. We can supply you with the accessories you need, including microphones, antennas and battery packs.


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